“Rich Couch Theory” Says That A Sofa In The Center Of Your Living Room Is A Tell-Tale Sign Of Wealth, But Here’s How To Decide If Following This Trendy Living Room Layout Is Really Right For You

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Thanks to a clip shared on TikTok, a new design theory has been making the rounds online. It claims that the proximity of someone’s couch to their walls is a telling sign of their level of wealth. Apparently, a sofa that is placed in the center of a room means you must be rolling in money.

A realtor named Seta Manukyan (@setathinks) posted a video showcasing expensive rooms in which the couches were nowhere near the walls. The voiceover states, “If the back of their couch touches the wall, then they’re not rich.”

The “rich couch theory” seems to be based on the idea that larger, open spaces are usually owned by wealthier people. However, many have argued that the theory doesn’t hold much weight. There are plenty of gorgeous, expensive-looking houses that contain rooms with sofas pushed up against the walls.

If you’re trying to decide whether this trendy living room layout is right for your home, here’s how you can tell when your couch should stay where it is and when it meets the criteria for moving to the middle.

When To Move Your Sofa

Do you have a home that features large, open floor plans? Moving your couch away from the wall can help make the expansive space feel more accessible and well-balanced. When you have a lot of space to work with, it’s best to center your couch.

If your couch is against a wall with windows, you can move it forward to create a cozier gathering space. Without the back of the couch blocking part of the window, more natural light will stream in to brighten up the room and make it feel more spacious. You will also be able to move houseplants closer to the window.

Once your couch is in the middle of the room, anchor it with a coffee table, a rug, and some accent chairs so it doesn’t look disconnected from the rest of your furniture.

When To Keep Your Sofa Against The Wall

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