Science Still Has Mixed Opinions On What Hair Colors Are Found Most Attractive To Each Gender, But Blondes Aren’t The Only Ones Stealing Attention

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These days, dyeing and changing your hair color is more accessible than ever.

Not only are people rushing into salons to get their hair shades touched up routinely, but there is a wide range of hair dyeing products sold at beauty and convenience stores that make it easy for people to dye their hair at home.

Many people love dyeing their hair because it boosts their confidence and makes them feel more attractive whenever they switch things up.

But have you ever wondered which hair colors are seen as more attractive?

Several studies have been conducted to see which hair colors are more attractive to each gender, and the results are quite interesting.

For a long time, blondes, especially blonde women, have been portrayed in the media as some of the most attractive people. Popular girls in movies are often blonde; some of the most famous Victoria’s Secret models were blonde, etc.

A 2017 study by psychologists for the Journal of Social Psychology found that straight men associate blondes and overall women with lighter shades of hair with being more attractive, youthful, and healthy.

Other studies have shown that some straight men are more likely to approach women with blonde hair than those with other hair colors. However, that obviously doesn’t mean that men don’t find women with darker hair attractive!

In fact, a 2011 study for the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology found that men see women with brunette and darker hair shades may seem less available but are more reliable when it comes to long-term, serious relationships. So, when looking for a wife, straight men may switch from looking to blondes to brunettes.

hedgehog94 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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