She Knows When Her Boyfriend Plans To Propose And Wants To Ask Him Not To Do It In Front Of His Female Friend, Who Hates Her And Thinks He Can Do Better

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This 25-year-old woman’s boyfriend, 27, is going to propose soon. She’s aware of his plan because he’s been hinting about it, and he eventually directly stated that he’s finalizing the proposal, giving her all the details of where and roughly when it would be happening. He planned to propose on his birthday at a fair they’d be attending.

While she feels comfortable with her boyfriend’s proposal idea, she feels a bit guilty that he would take the focus away from his birthday to propose to her, but she acknowledged that as long as it was what he wanted, she would be happy.

She and her boyfriend plan to go to the fair twice, and he mentioned that he wanted to invite one of his female friends to come to the fair with them because his friend has never been to the fair and would have free time to come with them.

So, now she’s concerned that he’ll propose to her on the day his friend is accompanying them to the fair, and she doesn’t like this idea because his friend doesn’t like her. Unfortunately, they’ve never gotten along.

“I know she doesn’t like me, and I have proof that she doesn’t like me. She thinks that he can do much better, and I am not made for him,” she said.

Since she’s known her boyfriend’s friend, she’s done all she can to be friendly to her. She’s able to remain civil, but she hasn’t been able to develop a closer bond because his friend is always rude whenever she hangs out with her and her boyfriend.

Sometimes, his friend is on better behavior, and she feels hopeful that maybe his friend is warming up to her.

But every time, she realizes she’s wrong because several days afterward, her boyfriend’s friend would text him to say that she was only pretending to be in a good mood around her. Plus, his friend speaks negatively about her while intoxicated.

“He used to tell her everything that would happen in our relationship. Luckily, he stopped. I also know for a fact that she thinks our relationship shouldn’t have happened and that he and I basically are only friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend,” she explained.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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