She’s A Lifestyle Content Creator Sharing How She Deals With Online Comments And Maintains Her Mental Wellness While In The Public Eye

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Many influencers and social media content creators have been talking about how they approach mental health in their unique situations and careers.

Despite how you feel about influencers and those who make a living through viral content creation, we can all admit that social media personalities live drastically different lives than the average American citizen and deal with different pressures.

Lucie Fink (@luciebfink), a TikTok content creator and Youtuber best known for her lifestyle videos, recently made a video for her TikTok page, opening up about how she deals with mental wellness and online comments as a content creator.

“One question that I’m continually asked is how I remain mentally well as a public content creator who is constantly sharing my personal life online, which, in turn, means I’m always getting negative comments, negative feedback, trolls, criticism, [and] all that,” says Lucie at the start of her video.

Lucie says that wellness trends like meditating, journaling, or cold-plunging don’t keep her together and feeling happy and healthy. It’s something much deeper than that.

She acknowledges that the chaos of being a public figure on social media and getting tons of comments on her life from strangers is unavoidable at this stage and very “unnatural” for the human brain to deal with.

“The only way that I am able to make it through is by having a stable, loving, and happy real life,” says Lucie.

“I am in an incredibly stable relationship and marriage, I have so many real-life friends who love me and support me unconditionally, and [who] honestly don’t even look at what I post online, and I am really happy in my real life.”

Lucie explains that her life does not surround her social media presence and that she has so much great stuff going on daily, thanks to her friends and family, that she isn’t reliant on her social media success for joy. 

fotofabrika – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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