Cultivate Your Very Own Mushroom Garden With These Methods For Growing Fungi Both Indoors And Outside

Jaroslav Machacek - - illustrative purposes only

Mushrooms are the unsung heroes of the culinary world, but you don’t have to just pick them up at the local grocery store anymore.

Believe it or not, growing your own fungi at home is both super doable and incredibly rewarding– no matter how much space you have.

So, whether you’re cramped in a tiny apartment with just a sliver of sunlight or you have a sprawling backyard just begging for a new project, here’s how to cultivate your very own mushrooms.

How Do Mushrooms Grow?

Unlike plants, mushrooms don’t actually require sunlight to grow. Instead, they thrive off decaying organic matter, converting it into the nutrients they need to flourish.

This process makes them a fantastic addition to a sustainable home, helping you turn waste into something delicious.

Their growth cycle begins with spores, which are like seeds, leading to the development of mycelium, a white, thread-like network. Then, when conditions are just right, this mycelium gives rise to the mushrooms we’re all familiar with.

Where To Grow Them At Home

For those with limited outdoor space, mushrooms are also the perfect indoor crop.

Jaroslav Machacek – – illustrative purposes only

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