Don’t Let Static Wreak Havoc On Your Hair: Here’s How To Tame The Frizz And Keep Your Locks Looking Good As New

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Have you ever had a moment where you’ve been in a certain space or sat on someone’s big couch, stood up, and realized a little too late that static had wrecked your hair?

When we were kids, static hair was silly and laughable, but as an adult, having to deal with straggly strands of hair sticking up from your head due to static is annoying.

If you’re unsure about the science behind static and hair, basically, when your hair builds up electrical charges from friction with other things like a hat, a certain piece of furniture, a hair brush, etc., strands of your hair can lift, making you look a bit like a mad scientist. 

Hair is especially prone to static electricity, especially when it’s dry outside. Unfortunately, it’s a natural process that cannot be totally prevented. But there are easy ways to get rid of static hair when it happens. 

Here are some easy ways to tame your static hair and get it back to normal.

Use extra moisturizing products

One of the main reasons why hair gets static-y is because it’s dry! Dry hair is a natural conductor that easily allows electricity to flow through it. So, if you want to avoid your hair being majorly affected by static, use extra moisturizing products.

Thoroughly applying a moisturizing leave-in conditioner before you start your day is a good idea, and incorporating more hair oils and masks into your self-care routines can also help.

Carry hairspray

VK Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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