Birkenstocks Are Shoes Known For Standing The Test Of Time, So Here’s How To Properly Clean Them

David Bokuchava - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the most popular shoe brands over the last few years has been Birkenstocks.

The German brand is famous for its clogs and sandals, as they have a distinct look and are known for being extremely comfortable.

People love wearing their Birkenstocks to the beach, boardwalk, and even on city streets. However, when you’re wearing them constantly and in all sorts of environments, they can get pretty dirty.

Since many Birkenstock shoe styles are made using suede, people tend to get stressed by the idea of trying to clean them, as they don’t want to ruin or stain them.

But don’t worry! There are easy ways to keep your beloved Birkenstocks clean and looking just as fresh as the day you got them.

There are a few tools you should have on hand to routinely spot-clean your suede Birkenstock clogs or sandals. For starters, having a suede brush is a great idea, as it’s a very nifty tool. You can use it on all your suede items to remove light mud or dirt that gets on them.

However, you’ll need a suede cleaner or suede eraser product and some clean cloths for more stubborn stains. If your Birkenstocks get wet but not dirty, it’s best to let them dry naturally without direct heat.

While it’s tempting to wear your Birkenstocks everywhere you go because of their comfort, keep in mind that any shoe made out of suede is extra vulnerable to water damage and stains, as suede can be a tricky material.

But let’s say you got some kind of stain on your suede Birkenstock. Here’s what you can do with the tools listed above.

David Bokuchava – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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