He Upset His Teen Twin Daughters After He Made Toasts For Both Of Them At A Celebratory Dinner That Was Only Intended For One

Iryna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

If you’re a twin, you understand the struggle of sharing things with your brother or sister and how sharing your parents’ attention is not always easy.

One man upset one of his teenage twin daughters when he made toasts for both of them at a celebratory dinner that was only intended for one.

He and his wife are in their mid-40s and have twin 16-year-old daughters, Ava and Isabel.

Thankfully, his girls get along but have very different hobbies and lifestyles.

“Ava is the A+ student with a strong GPA; [she’s] involved in student theater, is a competitive swimmer, and runs track,” he explained.

“We’re very proud of Ava and know she’ll have her choice of colleges. Isabel, on the other hand, is probably your more “average” student.”

“She has a 2.9 GPA, and her extra-curricular involvement is more limited. She enjoys singing and taking lessons but doesn’t do much more outside of that. My wife and I have encouraged Isabel to do more if she can, but she seems happy.”

Although Ava has achieved a lot more in terms of school and activities, Isabel has never seemed too bothered by keeping things more low-key.

However, he still feels bad for giving Ava more attention and praise sometimes, which became apparent after a recent dinner for Ava.

Iryna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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