He Won’t Help Financially Support His Sister So She Can Adopt Their Nephew Because, The Last Time Their Brother Got In Trouble And He Took Over Guardianship, No One In His Family Was There For Him

CarlosBarquero - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A lot of people unexpectedly became guardians of their sibling’s or relative’s child because of some kind of dramatic issue. Some of those people embrace the role, while others struggle with it.

One man is refusing to help his sister take care of their brother’s son because she did not help him when he had guardianship.

He’s 30 and has an older brother and younger sister. His older brother, Jake, has a seven-year-old son named John. He was never very close to John and was always the more distant uncle. But in recent years, he’s had to become much more than an uncle to John.

“When my brother, Jake, went to jail for a short stint, I was, on paper, the best candidate to take care of his son, John,” he explained.

“The issue was that I did not have the qualities needed to be a good parent. And even if I did, my brother’s son, to put it lightly, was a very difficult child. I eventually caved into family pressure and manipulation. I did not agree to take in John unconditionally; I made it clear that I could not do this alone and extracted promises of support from many relatives.”

Unfortunately, his family practically abandoned him once he became John’s guardian. He asked for help several times, and no one helped him with John, whose behavior also made the experience more challenging. While it was a tough time, he did his best to be a good caretaker and ensured John had what he needed.

When his brother was ready to take John back, he was more than ready to hand him over. Unfortunately, Jake and John’s reunion did not last long.

“My brother has gotten in trouble with the law again,” he said.

“I was nominated for guardianship [again], but I didn’t fall for the same trick twice. I stood my ground and burned many bridges in the process. I’ve been called heartless, selfish, a monster, and more. I’ve been told that I have a duty to my family and so on. My sister Jane eventually volunteered, but she can barely support herself, never mind a child. She has asked me for financial assistance, and I refused.”

CarlosBarquero – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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