Her Friend Called Her Toxic, Then Accused Her Of Throwing A Tantrum At Her Birthday Party

VikaNorm - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever had a friend you’ve bent over backward for, and it was still never good enough in their eyes?

One woman is in a fight with her friend who accused her of having a ‘temper tantrum’ when she messed up some plans for her birthday party.

She has a 30-year-old friend she was once quite close to, but recent incidents have made her question whether she’s worth being friends with anymore.

Her friend tends to make things really difficult for her, and she finds herself having to make accommodations or take care of her friend on days when that shouldn’t be her focus.

For instance, when she threw a birthday party for her husband at their house, her friend drank too much and didn’t want to leave because she was flirting with another guy at the party.

Her friend didn’t leave until 4:00 am and refused to quiet down or turn off the party music, even though she and her husband had early mornings the next day.

Then, when she tried to reason with her friend, her friend became super defensive and said she “couldn’t” blame her for any of that behavior, as she was tipsy and, therefore, it wasn’t her fault the party ended that way.

Then, her birthday happened next, and her friend’s behavior didn’t get any better. She decided to host a birthday picnic and wanted to carpool to the picnic with friends and family. 

Her friend started her celebrations in a sour mood, making her switch around who was riding in which car since she didn’t want to ride with anyone else but her and her husband.

VikaNorm – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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