He’s Insisting That His Wife See A Therapist Before She’s Left Alone With Their Kids Again, But She’s Offended

Marius V/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or baby

Sometimes, when you’re a new parent, you experience something so unexpected with your baby that it spooks you for a long time. 

One man’s wife was recently scarred after one of their babies had a scary breath-holding spell, which stopped her from being around the babies alone for a long time. Now, he wants her to see a therapist before she’s with the babies alone again.

He’s 30, and his wife is 26-years-old. At the end of last year, his wife had twins, a girl and a boy. Unfortunately, their son had lung issues when he was born.

“Two weeks ago, my son had his first breath-holding spell,” he said.

“For those who are fortunate enough not to know what they are, they are when a baby holds their breath out of fear or pain or shock.”

“They can hold their breath until they turn blue or pass out, but it’s relatively normal. As it turns out, my wife did not know what a breath-holding spell was, which makes sense; our kids are the first babies she’s ever had to look after.”

The breath-holding spell happened while he was at work, and his wife was totally distraught. She had a panic attack and had to call her dad for help. When her dad arrived, he calmed her down, and they took their son to the emergency room.

Thankfully, their son was fine, but his wife was extremely shaken after the incident. Her anxiety got very bad, and it got to the point where she didn’t want to be with the babies alone. She would spend the day with her parents at their house until he got home from work and could help.

“I’m concerned that she’s no longer trusting herself as a mother,” he explained.

Marius V/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or baby

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