His Wife Planned To Throw A Big Bash With Over 80 Guests For Her Birthday, But He Wants To “Veto” The Celebration Because He Thinks It’ll End Up Like A Frat Party

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This man is currently married, and his wife’s fortieth birthday is coming up. So, to celebrate the milestone, her friends want to organize a big “birthday bash.” But he’s not totally on board with such a massive party.

For some context, he and his wife have two kids – who are 4 and 2-years-old – and his wife’s friends plan to invite all of the parents from their children’s classes.

Since there are over 20 children in each class, that means there would be over 40 sets of parents attending, possibly making the guest list reach 80-plus people.

As for the party’s theme, his wife’s friends wanted to rent out a restaurant. Then, they planned to have an after-party at either a karaoke bar or a club.

“I am proud of her that she has so many friends and she is the most socially popular she has ever been in her life,” he said.

Nonetheless, he is really uncomfortable with the idea of throwing such a big birthday party. From his perspective, the celebration will be the equivalent of a “frat party,” and he thinks it will present “infinite” amounts of risk.

“I truly don’t want to attach our name to an event that is ‘uncapped’ drinking all night for a large crowd,” he explained.

So, he tried suggesting some alternatives for the party – such as making it family-friendly and inviting the children or hosting it during the day.

Additionally, he proposed the idea of throwing a moms-only party or simply inviting a smaller crowd.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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