Nearly 15 Years Ago, She Vanished After Leaving Her Friend’s Home On A Bicycle, And The Circumstances Surrounding Her Disappearance Remain A Mystery To This Day

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Kamesha Williams, a resident of Byhalia, Mississippi, would have been 39 years old today. Yet, ever since she mysteriously vanished on August 9, 2009, her friends and loved ones have never seen or heard from her again.

Kamesha was a 24-year-old mother of two young children in 2009. At the time of her disappearance, she was also living with her kids and her grandmother in Byhalia, which is close to the Tennessee border.

On the morning that she went missing, she reportedly visited a friend’s trailer in town. Then, she was last seen at 11:00 a.m. riding away from the trailer on her bicycle.

But tragically, Kamesha never made it home on her bike that day, and her whereabouts have remained unknown ever since.

During the investigation into her disappearance, there was one potential clue that surfaced. Approximately 12 hours after she was last seen riding her bike, Kamesha’s cell phone was used to call a male acquaintance who lived in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to phone records, the call was also placed close to the Mississippi-Tennessee border, where Kamesha resided with her family.

However, authorities were never actually able to ascertain whether it was really Kamesha who had placed the call or if someone else had taken possession of her phone.

Additionally, records show that her cell phone was never used again after that last call was placed.

Aside from this phone call, there is little other available information about the investigation. So, Kamesha’s case has sadly gone cold, and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance continue to remain a mystery to this day.

diignat – – illustrative purposes only

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