He’s Refusing To Attend His Mom’s Destination Wedding Because She Planned It On New Year’s Eve, Which Is The One Holiday His Wife Gets To Host Each Year, So Now He’s Getting Called Selfish

kiuikson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s wife, Lainey, is a huge Christmas fan. She’s always wanted to host Christmas at their house, but his mother and other family members wouldn’t want to come if they celebrated at his and Lainey’s house. But he acknowledged that Lainey could still host Christmas someday, even if it were a smaller celebration.

“I’ve previously asked my mom to step back and let someone else have the limelight, but she just says Lainey can host when she’s dead,” he said.

Since his mom is still fairly young, she would host Christmas for about 40 more years. The only holiday his mother allowed Lainey to host is New Year’s Eve because it’s not family-focused. He and Lainey’s friends can always come to their house to ring in the new year.

“Lainey loves it and goes all out. She begins planning the party right after the last one ends, and her goal is always to be bigger and better,” he explained.

Even though his mom is aware of their New Year’s Eve parties, he doesn’t think she understands how much effort Lainey puts into planning them. She and Lainey don’t have a close relationship, so he doesn’t fault his mom for not knowing how important the annual New Year’s Eve party is for Lainey.

His mother is engaged but, up until recently, she hadn’t given him too many details about her upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, he and Lainey just found out that his mom’s wedding date is a destination wedding in St Barts on New Year’s Eve in 2025.

If he and Lainey had attended the wedding, Lainey wouldn’t have been able to throw her annual New Year’s Eve party. When Lainey found out about his mom’s wedding date, she was visibly crushed and on the verge of tears. He assured her that he’d figure something out. It wasn’t possible that his mom purposely tried to ruin Lainey’s New Year’s Eve plans.

“I came to the conclusion that my wife trumps my mom because, well, duh, she’s my wife. I feel my mom is kind of selfish in taking our holiday and trying to summon us all out of the country,” he shared.

He thinks it’s unfair for his mom to expect her guests to sacrifice their New Year’s Eve when the focus is always on her for every holiday. Plus, he isn’t a fan of the man his mom is marrying. So, he called his mother and explained that since New Year’s Eve is special to Lainey, they couldn’t attend her wedding.

kiuikson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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