His Girlfriend Said He’s Allowed To Have One-Night Stands With Other Girls When He’s Away For Work

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It’s been close to two years now that this 20-year-old guy has been dating his 21-year-old girlfriend, and they both have forever been completely against cheating.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, he began a new job, and although it’s a major stepping stone for him, it does require him to work in another state six hours away.

So, he’s really only home a little bit on the weekends, and he was worried that this would really put a strain on his relationship.

He discussed the job with his girlfriend prior to accepting it, and she told him he should go for it and that she was proud of him landing the role.

“Today, however, she randomly suggested that if I wanted to go on my work trip, she would be fine with me having one-night stands as she knows I don’t have as much experience as she does,” he explained.

“My girlfriend had three previous boyfriends while she is my first and only. I instantly made it clear to her that I had no interest in sleeping with other women and was confused and sad that she thought that I would cheat out of curiosity.”

“She’s all that I want and need, yet she claimed that if she gave me permission, she knew she would be fine with it.”

While his girlfriend said she will allow him to do this, he still thinks it’s cheating, and that’s it. He’s upset and disappointed that his girlfriend feels it’s ok for him to seek out other girls.

He does everything to make his girlfriend know that she’s the only girl he needs in his life and the only girl he wants to be with.

choi – – illustrative purposes only

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