In June Of Last Year, She Planned To Visit And Stay With Her Mom After Saying She Didn’t Feel Safe, But She Never Arrived At Her Mom’s Home And Has Been Missing Ever Since

Facebook - pictured above is Amber

Amber Arnett grew up in Lansing, Michigan, graduating from Holt Central High School as a teenager before attending Ross Medical Education Center and studying Dental Assisting.

By 2023, the 39-year-old was staying with one of her friends in Leslie, Michigan, which is located in Ingham County.

On June 22 that year, Amber was also supposed to visit her mother back in Lansing, Michigan, and stay there for a few days. But she never arrived at her mom’s house and has been missing ever since.

According to Amber’s mom, Marty Arnett, she expected Amber to arrive on June 25. So, she started stocking up on Amber’s favorite foods and preferred toiletries for the visit.

Once June 25 finally arrived, though, Marty never heard from her daughter.

“I thought I would hear from her on the 25th. I didn’t hear from her,” Marty recalled.

“So I tried to reach out to her, and when I still hadn’t heard from her by the 4th of July, I knew something was up. I called the jails, I called the hospitals, I called the morgue. I started calling around.”

But despite Marty’s efforts, no one she contacted had seen Amber. At that point, she decided to give her daughter a few more days before filing a missing person report with the Lansing Police Department the following week.

In the months leading up to her disappearance, Amber did reportedly get into some trouble– losing her employment as a live-in caretaker at an adult foster care home. She was also supposed to appear in court on July 13, 2023, regarding this matter.

Facebook – pictured above is Amber

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