In Light Of Everything Happening With Kate Middleton, Here’s An Explanation Behind What Preventative Chemo Is

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Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has been in the headlines seemingly more than usual these days.

After being missing from the public eye after Kensington Palace announced in January that Kate underwent and was recovering from abdominal surgery, people worldwide became highly suspicious.

Then, on March 22nd, Kate appeared in a royal announcement video and revealed she was battling cancer.

In the announcement, Kate explains that tests performed after her surgery revealed cancer was present in her body. She then mentioned she was in the early stages of “preventative chemotherapy.”

The announcement was devastating and shocked many, as no one knew exactly what Kate was going through until now. In her announcement, Kate shared that it took her and her husband, Prince William, some time to break the news of her diagnosis to their three young children.

People around the world were also left wanting more information on Kate’s diagnosis, as it wasn’t disclosed what kind of cancer she has and what stage she’s in.

While we don’t want to encourage conspiring regarding Kate’s cancer diagnosis, there is some information you can learn about ‘preventative chemotherapy.’

According to the World Health Organization, preventative chemotherapy is a term for the safe delivery of “quality-assured medicines” alone or in combinations at regular intervals.

Additionally, preventative chemotherapy can be given to patients before or after some kind of initial treatment, like surgery. Preventative or adjuvant chemotherapy can help lessen the chances of cancer from returning after treatment.

H_Ko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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