Midi Dresses Are “Happy Medium” Garments That Never Go Out Of Season, So Here’s How To Style This Staple Piece For Every Time Of The Year

Svetlana Sokolova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When I say ‘midi dress,’ do you know what kind of dress I’m talking about?

If you’re into dresses but are not completely up-to-date on the names of each style, don’t worry; I’ve got you. A midi dress is a dress that’s hemline sits below the knees or above the ankles.

Unlike a spunky mini dress or elegant maxi dress, the midi is a happy medium for those who are okay with showing a bit of leg but don’t necessarily want to feel exposed.

In stores worldwide, there are midi dresses for every occasion, from formal to casual, and they are wearable in hot or cold weather. If you love dressing on the feminine side and wearing dresses makes you happy, having a handful of midi dresses in your wardrobe is a good idea.

Because of their length, midi dresses can be worn year-round. You just have to know how to accessorize them for every season. If you could use a guide, here’s one for you!


In the wintertime, keeping warm should be one of your top priorities. If you’re wearing a midi dress out on a winter’s day, you’ll want to make sure your top half is nice and covered.

Pair your midi dress with a trench coat and short, heeled boots for a more formal look. You can wear taller boots and a cardigan with your midi dress to look more casual.


Svetlana Sokolova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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