She Babysat A Young Boy Whose Home Was Supposedly Haunted: Then She Found Out Three Years Later That He Had An Older Brother Who Lived In The Basement The Entire Time

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When TikToker Kate Swisher (@kateswisher) was 14-years-old, she got a babysitting job over the summer for a boy who was about three years younger than her. His parents didn’t want him to stay home alone because he had a tendency to misbehave and cause trouble.

After three weeks of babysitting, bizarre events started to occur. The first was when the bathroom mirror suddenly fell off the wall. She cleaned up the broken glass and told the dad about it when he got home. He shrugged it off, saying that these sorts of things just happened.

The next morning, Kate saw that they had already hung a replacement mirror on the wall. The mom made a remark about how she had finally met their ghost. The mom also explained that they bought mirrors in bulk because this kind of thing happened at least three to four times a year.

At first, Kate was skeptical about the ghost, but over time, she noticed a lot of weird stuff in the house. Sometimes, she would leave the kitchen for a minute, and when she came back, all the cabinet doors would be open. Additionally, DVDs would fly out of the DVD rack in the living room.

She worked for the family for about three years. She was now 16, and the boy was 13. It was their last summer together because his parents finally deemed him old enough to stay home by himself the following year.

During one of their last few days together, she was in the living room when she heard the sound of someone coming up the basement stairs.

She freaked out because she knew the boy was in his bedroom and that the dad never entered the house through the back door. Then, she heard the kitchen door open, followed by a man’s cough.

Kate ran down the hall and grabbed the boy. As she peeked into the kitchen, she saw a big man with a ponytail and a beard. She dragged the boy outside and told him that someone had broken into the house.

Before she could call the police, the boy snatched her phone out of her hand and started laughing.

Walt – – illustrative purposes only

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