She Purchased An Old Farmhouse In The Country And Didn’t Believe The Previous Owners When They Said It Was Haunted, But After Countless Creepy Experiences, She Now Thinks Something Paranormal May Haunt Her Property

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This woman, her husband, and their three children live in an old farmhouse in the country. They have farm acreage at the front of the house, and state land is near the back.

Since they live just a 10-minute drive from the closest town, the location is perfect for them. Only one neighbor lives near them, so they enjoy their privacy. The person who owned the home before them had purchased it during an estate auction after the owner passed away.

“An elderly lady who grew up in this house had a lot of acres along with the house. I was told she died in the house. They found her days later. I also heard that her son had died at the house, too,” she said.

While they weren’t certain how old the house was, they knew that over the years, everyone who owned it did their own projects and repairs, her family included. She knew the home was ancient and attempted to research its history, estimating that it could have been built in the early 1900s.

After purchasing the home, previous owners told her family the house was haunted, but they didn’t believe them. But one night, their dog began whimpering in fear while in the living room.

Their dog was staring toward a wall and some of the bedrooms, but they had no idea what she was whimpering at since they couldn’t see anything unusual, which was strange. She called her dog’s name to get her attention, and the dog came over to her.

“One day, I had just taken a shower and heard someone tapping on the door handle. The handle was pretty loose and could only make that noise if you pressed or tapped it downward. I said, ‘Just a minute,’ then opened the door, thinking it was one of my kids needing to use the bathroom,” she explained.

However, no one was on the other side of the door. She called out to see if one of her children had run off, but no one answered. Later, she questioned her children where they’d been at the time, and they explained that they’d all been playing outside.

All her life, she was skeptical of the paranormal, so she didn’t jump to conclusions. In her mind, there was no way their house was haunted.

nat2851terry – – illustrative purposes only

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