While Working In A Retirement Home, She Cared For A Resident Who Always Greeted Her With, “Good Morning, Tinkerbell,” But After He Passed Away, She Still Heard Him Say The Phrase The Next Day

Azeemud/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman started working at a more than 100-year-old retirement home not long ago. When it was first built, it functioned as a homeless shelter. A hundred years ago, it was called a “poorhouse,” the American version of what was known as a “poor farm.”

Over the years, it eventually was converted into a retirement home. Everyone thought it was haunted and shared ghost stories.

Nearly all the town’s citizens and retirement home employees had a personal encounter with the ghosts of former residents. Until a few days ago, she hadn’t seen a ghost, but that recently changed.

“One of my favorite residents was this spritely elderly gentleman named Paul. He was one of the first residents to greet me when I moved in (part of the job requires that I live on the property if there were emergencies in the middle of the night,” she said.

Whenever she cared for Paul, he requested a black coffee with two teaspoons of sugar. He always told her she was the only employee who made his cup of coffee correctly. Paul was a kind man.

During the workday, she had to ring a bell to inform the residents it was mealtime. Every morning, she walked down the hallway and rang the bell.

“Paul always said, ‘Good morning, Tinkerbell! as I went down the hall. It eventually became his nickname for me,” she explained.

Three mornings ago, she went through her usual routine, walking down the hallway and ringing the bell. She walked by Paul’s room and heard him greet her as usual, “‘Good morning, Tinkerbell!'”

After finishing her rounds, she made Paul’s coffee and put the cup in his usual spot at the breakfast table where all their residents eat together.

Azeemud/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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