She Stayed In A Haunted Hotel Room With Her Teen Daughter, And The Paranormal Encounters She Experienced That Night Still Terrify Her To This Day

Mustard Assets - - illustrative purposes only

In 2008, this woman’s daughter, Christine, who’s 31 now, was 16 and an all-star cheerleader. They traveled all over the United States from their home in Maryland so that Christine could participate in competitions.

On one occasion, she and Christine were planning to travel to Ohio for an upcoming competition, and she chose to save money by driving rather than flying.

She planned to drive about eight hours, and once they reached Ohio, they’d spend the night in a hotel. They’d drive the remaining two hours for the cheerleading competition the following morning. After driving for eight hours, they checked in at a Marriott, which had only been built several years ago.

Once they walked into their hotel room, Christine glanced around, waltzed into the bathroom, and quickly walked out before telling her she wasn’t a fan of this room.

In response, she explained that the hotel wasn’t built that long ago, pointing out that it was cozy and clean. She didn’t comprehend why Christine wasn’t a fan of the room, but Christine reiterated the sentiment a few more times.

Later, they left the hotel to eat dinner and then returned to the room to sleep. Once more, Christine told her she wasn’t a fan of the room, and she brushed the comment off as Christine being a teen. Christine also kept the door open while using the bathroom and demanded that she not walk by, which didn’t make sense to her. She again brushed off Christine’s behavior as being teenage antics.

Eventually, Christine fell asleep in the bed to her right, and she was jealous that Christine could fall asleep so quickly. She turned on the TV and hoped she’d be able to sleep soon. Finally, after watching TV for a while, she felt sleepy and turned it off.

“I hear her rustle in those new, crisp sheets. Then, again. It was loud and crisp, almost like a ‘whoosh’ sound. I figured she was pulling those tightly tucked sheets out,” she said.

At the time, she was lying on her left side and heard the “‘whoosh'” sound again. It was incredibly loud, and she rolled over to look at Christine’s bed to find out what she was up to. She heard the sound between their two twin beds as if someone was rustling the sheets. Moments later, she saw a girl she thought was Christine standing between their beds and had thrown sheets over herself.

Mustard Assets – – illustrative purposes only

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