She Stayed In A Haunted Hotel Room With Her Teen Daughter, And The Paranormal Encounters She Experienced That Night Still Terrify Her To This Day

Understandably shocked and baffled, she immediately noticed that this girl couldn’t possibly be Christine because the figure was nearly as tall as the ceiling.

Looking at the floor, she saw no one under the sheets, but the entity was shaped like a person. All of a sudden, the figure fell onto and through the floor, disappearing with a “‘swoosh'” sound as it left.

The figure made a ripple as it disappeared, and she was terrified. She sat up in bed and started shaking before she turned on the light and saw that Christine was still fast asleep.

Still shaken by the experience, she again turned on the TV so that there was more light in the room before she turned off the light because she noticed Christine stirring in bed. Her heart was racing, and she was breathing quickly, unable to settle down.

She couldn’t fall asleep for a while and continuously looked around the room for evidence that the ghost was still around. Not long after she fell asleep, she felt someone sit on the corner of her bed, startling her awake. She was nervous and afraid but hoped it was just Christine. When she opened her eyes to check, no one was sitting on the bed. After calming down, she fell back to sleep.

“Early in the morning, before the alarm would sound, I felt someone bending down to me. Do you know how you can feel that without hearing it? And then, a kiss is planted on my cheek. I froze, popped open my eyes, and nothing was there. NOTHING! It wasn’t my daughter! At that point, it’s time to leave. So, when I wake my daughter, she said something to the effect of, ‘Good, I’m ready to go,'” she explained.

At 6 a.m., before heading to the lobby for breakfast, they grabbed their bags, planning not to return to the room. While they ate, Christine told her she didn’t sleep well, telling her she kept her awake. She felt awful and said sorry for keeping the TV on.

“Christine asks me why I kept sitting on her bed during the night and why I kissed her cheek this morning. Excuse me? What? This happened to her, too? We sat there discussing what the depression felt like, the kiss (a man), and I think she thought I was messing with her,” she shared.

To assure her daughter she wasn’t joking, she explained the levitating sheet she’d seen fall through the floor during the night, and her daughter exclaimed that she’d known the moment they entered the hotel room that there was something wrong.

Now, her daughter’s prior comments about not liking the room made sense to her. It had nothing to do with her teenage unpredictability but a feeling she had that the room was haunted.

Christine informed her that when she entered the bathroom, she knew someone passed away in there and had a sad feeling about it. She added that this was why she didn’t want to close the bathroom door. However, she never found out why her daughter hadn’t told her immediately that she thought the room was haunted.

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