After Getting Into A Fight With Her Husband, She Allegedly Stormed Out Of Their Motel Room Without Any Of Her Belongings And Has Been Missing Ever Since

Facebook - pictured above is Ashley

As a young girl, Ashley Linden grew up in Florida – residing in the Lakeland and Mulberry regions.  Then, at 32-years-old, she and her husband lived in various different motels in the Tampa area in 2022.

Before moving to Tampa with her husband, Ashley had lived in Plant City, where she worked at a Mexican restaurant known as Taco Bus. She’d also begun struggling with anxiety and depression, which is why she was prescribed daily medication.

But, none of her loved ones were prepared for what happened on September 9, 2022, when Ashley strangely disappeared.

That day, she and her husband got into an argument inside their motel room. Afterward, Ashley reportedly walked out of the room, taking none of her personal belongings with her. She has been missing ever since.

The following day, September 10, 2022, Ashley’s husband contacted the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to file a missing person report after Ashley did not return home.

Once an investigation was launched, Ashley’s husband alleged that, after their fight, he had told her to remain outside their motel room. This was allegedly what prompted Ashley to storm out without her things.

Ashley’s family maintains that leaving and falling out of contact with loved ones is completely out of character for her. Ashley also did not have any friends or family in the Tampa area since she was not from there.

Strangely, she was reportedly seen twice more following her disappearance. First, on September 12, 2022, authorities apparently contacted Ashley’s husband and claimed that they made contact with her at a 7-11 convenience store located in Ybor City – an area of Tampa. But, once her husband arrived, Ashley was already gone.

Then, on November 12, 2022, Ashley was reportedly seen standing with a purse and a suitcase on the sidewalk of Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. This was the last confirmed sighting of Ashley, and she has remained missing ever since.

Facebook – pictured above is Ashley

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