Corporate America’s Dress Code Is Becoming Increasingly Casual, So Here Are Some More Laid Back Outfit Ideas For The Office

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When I was younger and would think about what adults wear to work in an office, I assumed it was suits, pantsuits, dresses, and heels every day except for casual Friday, when you could wear jeans.

As I got older, I realized that offices in America have been switching things up, and there are all kinds of dress codes to abide by now, including more casual ones.

If you recently got a job in an office that practices a business casual or casual dress code or even need some outfit inspiration for casual Fridays, here are some ideas for you!

First, it’s important to consider the clothes you should avoid so as not to look too casual.

I would steer clear of jeans with rips in them, graphic t-shirts with sayings or prints that could be deemed inappropriate, open-toe shoes like flip flops, and tank tops without a cardigan, sweater, or blazer to cover up.

One of the best business casual outfits involves a blazer, straight-leg jeans, and sneakers. You can wear a nice neutral tank top under the blazer and tucked into your jeans.

Sneakers are acceptable in many office settings with a business casual dress code. Having a pair of low-key white sneakers is great for this outfit.

Finish off this look with some nice minimalist jewelry, a watch, and a cute hair clip that will have you looking professional while staying comfortable.

If you’re in an office where you dress more formally throughout the week except for casual Fridays, pair one of your favorite button-up blouses you’ve reserved for work with a cute pair of jeans. Tucking your button-up into some flowy wide-leg jeans looks great with a pair of comfortable loafers or flats.

javiindy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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