He Upset His Mom After Admitting He Doesn’t Miss His Late Brother

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As sad as it sounds, some people simply never form good relationships with their siblings. Their animosity could happen for many reasons, but in the end, they may not even miss their sibling when they’re gone.

One man, who was tormented by his older brother, who has since passed away, recently upset his mom after admitting that he doesn’t miss him.

He’s 26 and had a brother two years older than him. Unfortunately, they had bad blood from the day he was born.

“The first video of my brother and I [is from] when I was a newborn and he was two,” he said.

“[He was] demanding our parents toss me into the trash. His attitude never improved from there. He was my biggest bully [through] school. He threatened other kids to make them avoid me; he stole any money I made, [and] he constantly mocked me for fun. He was the favorite child at home.”

Growing up, his brother was loud and rowdy, so he received more attention from their parents. Meanwhile, he was quiet, timid, and anxious, as his brother threatened him whenever he tried to get more attention from their family.

When they were adults, he worked hard to get his Master’s degree and an amazing job without any support from his family. His brother never got his act together and fell down a dark path involving drugs and prison time. He decided it was best to focus on himself and stabilize himself while his parents poured all their attention into trying to fix his brother.

“Several months ago, he stole my mother’s car and went on a joyride [but] he was high and he crashed,” he explained.

“I did what is expected of a brother and son. I attended the funeral; I gave lip service to a brother who departed too soon; I comforted my parents for weeks afterward, staying at their place just to be their shoulder to cry on, etc. Then things slowed down [and] I went back to living in my own home [to] continue life as usual. But my parents continue to expect me to be distraught.”

Summit Art Creations – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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