Diamonds Are The Most Popular Stones For Engagement Rings, But Scientists Say They Can’t Actually Last Forever

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Have you ever wondered why diamonds became the go-to gemstone for engagement and promise rings?

It’s because they have a reputation for being extremely durable, meaning they can withstand a lot and still last a lifetime. Therefore, diamonds are great symbols of everlasting love and commitment.

While there’s something very romantic about the notion of diamonds lasting forever and their power, I have some news that may burst your bubble. 

Researchers have found that diamonds, while beautiful and quite durable, cannot last forever, nor are they invincible.

However, don’t panic! Your beautiful diamond ring will be fine as long as it stays in areas with normal temperatures and is primarily used to sit on your and your family’s fingers. 

All diamonds can and will eventually degrade into graphite. 

While diamonds are extremely durable and the hardest material known to humankind, they’re not the most stable form of carbon. They’re a structure of carbon that’s stable under certain circumstances and conditions.

However, there is a form of carbon that’s more stable than diamonds, and that’s graphite. If you didn’t know, graphite is found at the ends of pencils and makes them write!

Essentially, diamonds have to be used under certain conditions to get them to turn into graphite via a process called graphitization.

dimj – – illustrative purposes only

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