Goldfish May Be An Easier Pet To Care For Than A Puppy, But These Creatures Still Require More Attention And Maintenance Than Most People Think

dionoanomalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual fish

Did your first pet happen to be a goldfish? If so, it probably wasn’t your top choice of a pet. Almost every kid begs for a puppy at some point during their childhoods. Of course, their request is usually denied, and their parents will try to appease them with a goldfish.

Goldfish are very attractive options for novice pet owners. They’re eye-catching, affordable, and low-maintenance. After taking one home, all you have to do is transfer it to a fishbowl, sprinkle in a few flakes of food every morning, and clean the bowl from time to time.

Although goldfish may be easier to take care of than a dog, they still require more attention than most people believe. So, how did the goldfish earn the reputation of being maintenance-free? Let’s start with how they rose to popularity.

Goldfish originated in China during the Tang dynasty more than 1,700 years ago. They are yellow-orange members of the carp family, which are fish that usually appear drab and gray in color. Carp were bred for eating, but over time, genetic mutations began to occur, producing fish with orange and yellow streaks. These fish were so pretty that people did not want to eat them.

Before long, goldfish were displayed in ornamental ponds and water gardens. In the 16th century, they wound up in Japan and then eventually made their way over to Europe.

The earliest mention of goldfish in America was in the 1800s. Goldfish attained the status of beginner pet in the United States thanks to the Commission on Fisheries.

The Commission received a goldfish from Japan in 1878 and started breeding them in a pond in Washington, D.C. Then, they sent goldfish to any D.C. resident who asked for one. Nearly 20,000 fish were given away per year until the 1890s when the initiative came to an end. Since then, goldfish have always been seen at fairs and in pet shops.

How do we keep our golden fishy friends healthy and happy? Contrary to popular belief, goldfish are not meant to be plopped into a bowl and forgotten about. Depending on the breed, goldfish can grow anywhere from five inches to two feet long. There are hundreds of different breeds around today, so it’s hard to tell exactly how large your goldfish will get.

That’s why it is recommended to buy a tank that can hold a minimum of 20 gallons of water per goldfish. A standard fishbowl is about 1.5 gallons. You’ll also need to add aquarium plants, rocks, and hiding spots to create a stimulating environment.

dionoanomalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual fish

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