He Got Fired From His Serving Job After A Rude Family Criticized Him To His Manager For Ridiculous Reasons, And His Manager Didn’t Have His Back

Yakobchuk Olena - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re a server at a restaurant, your manager and coworkers will often sympathize with you when you have to serve a table of people who get angry for petty reasons.

But sometimes, servers don’t get the support they were hoping for.

One popular TikTok creator was recently fired from his serving job after failing to please a family who criticized him for ridiculous reasons.

Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) is a TikTok creator famous for telling stories about his experiences as a waiter at a restaurant. He’s interacted with some pretty crazy customers, but recently, he met his match with a family who was so angry they cost him his job.

The moment Dean went to greet this table, he was doomed. He went to take their drink orders, but no one looked at him or said anything to him. Figuring they needed more time, he turned around and was then asked by an angry woman at the table if anyone would help them.

“I look at her, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am, I came over and thought you needed another minute,'” Dean says in his video.

“She literally goes, ‘What? No one came over to help us!’ So I’m not gonna start a fight with her.”

As Dean took down the table’s drink orders, he became more aware of how unhinged they were. The little boy at the table asked for chocolate milk, and the dad screamed at him, telling him it was too expensive, causing him to burst into tears.

One of the food items the table ordered was a pepperoni pizza. Dean was sure to warn the table it would take around 45 minutes for the pizza to arrive based on how busy the restaurant was. Not having it, the family at the table told him it “better not” take that long.

Yakobchuk Olena – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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