Her Sister Broke Their Dad’s Heart After How She Treated Him When She Found Her Biological Father

Yaroslav Radniuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When people find out they have a different biological parent who isn’t the person who raised them, they strive to have a relationship with both parents. However, those people still tend to be closer to the person who raised them.

One woman recently refused to support her sister, who ruined her relationship with their dad after blowing him off for the man who turned out to be her biological father.

She’s 28 and the youngest of three kids. Her siblings, Donna and Jake, are in their early 30s.

They had a loving childhood, and their dad was a great man. However, their worlds were turned upside down when Donna was 10, as their dad found out their mom had been unfaithful before Donna was born, and Donna was not his child.

“Our parents divorced, but nothing changed with Dad and Donna,” she said.

“He still treated her the same, but he also told her if she ever wanted to know her biological father, he would love, support, and help her in that journey, too. When Donna was 20, she asked Dad for help finding her biological father. He paid for the DNA test and other expenses, including travel, when she found him. He [also] paid for therapy and held her hand throughout.”

Her dad was incredibly supportive through Donna’s journey to finding her biological father and encouraged her and Jake to support her as well. During the first few years after finding her biological father, Donna decided not to have a relationship with him.

Then, everything changed three years later. Donna got back in touch with her biological father and formed a relationship with him without telling anyone, including their dad.

No one had any idea Donna was back in touch with her biological father until she got engaged and invited him to her engagement party, where she introduced him as her “real dad” during her speech. 

Yaroslav Radniuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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