She Bowed Out Of Her Friend’s Bridal Party Six Weeks Before The Wedding Because Her Friend Asked Her To Dye Her Hair Blonde So She Wouldn’t “Stick Out” During The Ceremony

moofushi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s friend, named Emily, will be tying the knot in six weeks, and she was supposed to be a bridesmaid. So, she went along with all of the wedding expectations – such as taking time off of work for a bachelorette getaway and even buying a $250 dress that she’ll probably only wear once.

But, after she was invited to brunch with Emily and her maid of honor to discuss the wedding, everything changed, and she wound up bowing out of the bridal party.

For some context, all of the other bridesmaids, aside from her, are blonde; meanwhile, Emily is a brunette. So, during the brunch, Emily asked her to dye her hair blonde to prevent her brown hair from “sticking out” or “drowning out” the bride on her wedding day.

Emily also admitted to realizing that asking someone to dye their hair was a “big ask.” That’s why Emily waited to talk to her until after the “pre-rehearsal,” when her friend was sure it was really important.

Quite frankly, though, she doesn’t want to permanently change her appearance for just one day. On top of that, she doesn’t want to put her beloved hair – which reaches her waist – through any damaging chemical treatments.

“Third, I’m fair-skinned but still Indian. Even if I were to dye my hair, blonde is at the bottom of the list. It would look absolutely ghastly on me,” she explained.

So, during the brunch, she tried to politely tell Emily that dying her hair just wasn’t in the cards. But, rather than understanding her opinion, her friend misinterpreted what she meant and basically acted like she was accusing her of being a crazy bridezilla.

Then, over the following three days, Emily and Emily’s maid of honor wouldn’t stop calling and texting her – trying to convince her to just dye her hair. At one point, they even said she could just wear a wig to make “everyone happy.”

“I don’t know if it’s my lack of wedding experience in this part of the world, but that was so absurd,” she recalled.

moofushi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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