Here’s How To Grow And Care For Mini Roses, A Compact Perennial That Still Packs A Punch Of Beauty For Those With Small Backyards Or Tiny Patios

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For those with small backyards or tiny terraces, miniature roses are perfect because the bushes are compact but still produce beautiful blooms that add impact to limited outdoor space. The small shrubs emerged in the 1930s when plant breeders accidentally created rose hybrids.

These perennials usually reach no more than two feet tall. They can be placed in containers or grown as borders for garden beds. They also share many of the same care requirements as regular-sized roses. In addition to being fragrant and elegant, they have no thorns and re-bloom every year.

Mini roses are surprisingly hardy and can tolerate winters, but they’ll need extra protection in cold climates. They grow best in Zones 5 to 9. Here’s a brief guide on how to properly grow and maintain mini roses.


Mini roses prefer to be in direct sunlight for six to eight hours per day. They can handle some shade, but too much can cause the bushes to become sparse and result in fewer blooms.

Getting enough sunlight also helps them be more resistant to disease. So, make sure you plant them in a sunny location.

Soil and Water

Plant mini roses in early spring. Use soil that is rich, loamy, and well-draining. If you’re planting them in containers, incorporate a light, well-draining soil packed with nutrients to avoid root rot. Every fall, apply a layer of organic mulch to renew the soil.

After planting, water your mini roses frequently. Add water when the soil feels dry. Give them about one inch of water per week. Potted roses will need more water than ones planted in the garden. When watering, try not to let the water touch the leaves or blooms. Aim for the dirt instead.

Klever_ok – – illustrative purposes only

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