She Dated A Guy Who Claimed To Be An “Alpha Male” And Said “His Woman” Could Never Earn More Money Than Him

Tomasz Zajda - - illustrative purposes only

High school relationships tend to be filled with ups and downs. Usually, the downs are what make the most memorable and cringeworthy stories.

They also end up being valuable learning experiences that shape how you approach romantic interactions in the future.

When TikToker Elsa Majimbo (@elsa.majimbo) was 16-years-old, she dated a guy named Ken. They started getting really close during her last year of high school.

She even convinced her parents to let her stay in school longer for him and pay for extra study sessions.

However, she didn’t actually need the additional help. She just wanted more time to spend with her boyfriend.

Everything was going great between them until it was almost time for their final exams. Suddenly, Ken started acting like an “alpha male,” declaring that “his woman” could not earn more money than him and that she needed to take care of the house.

The worst part is that she used to agree with everything he said at the time. He even told Elsa that if he ever got the chance to meet Jorja Smith, he would cheat on her with the singer. Only one of them had met Jorja Smith before, and it wasn’t Ken.

Ken was also broke. The most he ever paid for was their movie tickets. He even asked her to buy the tickets once in a while so she could show her appreciation for him.

She also had to pay for her own transportation and go out of her way to see him. He always made their meetup spots more convenient for him. They would be close to his house but super far from hers.

Tomasz Zajda – – illustrative purposes only

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