Her Husband Asked For An Open Marriage And She Was Initially Against It, But Ever Since She Agreed, Her Husband Wants To Close Their Marriage Again

Oscar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Every couple has their own way of doing things, but their relationship can fall apart if they’re not on the same page about certain things.

One woman was hesitant to agree to an open marriage with her husband for years, and once she went along with it, he wanted it to stop.

She and her husband are in their early 30s. They met in college and married each other a few years after graduating. Six years into their marriage, her husband started making comments about how he regretted not being able to have a “bachelor” experience or try new things with other people because he got married fresh out of school and only had two partners before her.

“Not too long after that, he ‘jokingly’ suggested an open marriage since it is what everyone’ is doing these days, according to him,” she recalled.

“My heart sank, and I said no. I wondered if I just wasn’t hot enough or fun enough or if he was just getting bored of me, even though I always allowed him enough space to himself.”

She felt she was a great wife and went above and beyond to make her husband happy and keep him interested in her, so when she heard he wanted to open their relationship so they could casually see other people, she was crushed.

However, for two years, he was persistent. He continued to ask her for an open relationship, boasting about the benefits and guilt-tripping her for not allowing him to be young and crazy for a few years.

Eventually, her husband broke her, and she agreed to an open marriage. They decided to go with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of open relationship, where they’d be allowed to do their own thing and not have to talk about it.

“When it all started, I didn’t bother to partake [and] I lived life as I did beforehand,” she explained.

Oscar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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