She Didn’t Get A Job Because She Didn’t Wear Makeup In The Interview, And The Recruiter Was Concerned She “Didn’t Put Enough Effort” Into Her Appearance

annanahabed - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are several reasons why a job recruiter or hiring manager may tell you you’re not right for a job you applied for. You may not have enough experience, or you’re too young or old, don’t have the right education, etc.

But sometimes, those reasons turn out to be extremely petty, and it can be heartbreaking not to get the job, especially if you are qualified for it.

One woman recently went viral after sharing the story of how she didn’t get a job she felt she was very qualified for because she wasn’t wearing makeup to her interview.

Melissa Weaver (@_melissaweaver) is a woman living in New York City who recently had a job interview that shocked her.

Melissa felt very confident before her interview for a vice president position at a tech company, as she used to work as a recruiter and knows the difference between poor and great interview skills.

“The interview went so well,” says Melissa in her TikTok video.

“Every question she had, I had a great answer for. I used to work in recruitment, [and] I know how to interview. My background and experience line up perfectly with what the role entails, so I thought it went great. But then, I get an email from the recruiter saying that I’m not going to be moving on to the next round.”

Melissa was very upset to hear she didn’t get the job but was also quite confused, as the interview went so well and she was so qualified that it didn’t make much sense not to at least give her another interview.

Wanting to know more about the recruiter’s decision, Melissa decided to email her and ask for feedback.

annanahabed – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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