She Frequently Invites Her Friend And Their Boyfriend Over For Free Dinners, But After Her Friend Insulted Her Cooking, She Snapped And Basically Called The Couple Poor

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You should never speak poorly of certain things in front of your friends if you want to keep them around. Those things include their weight, their intelligence, and how much money they make.

One woman recently snapped at her friend and her friend’s boyfriend, insinuating they were poor when they poked fun at the dinner she made them for free.

She has a 29-year-old best friend named Layla, who is in a relationship with her 40-year-old partner, Ryan.

She enjoyed seeing Layla and Ryan often and began having them over for dinner semi-frequently. However, because Layla and Ryan weren’t doing well financially and weren’t good cooks, she’d do all the grocery shopping and cooking.

“If they do bring something, it’s usually drinks or a store-bought side dish [like] potato salad, mac salad, chips, etc., but that is rare,” she said.

“This has never really bothered me because hanging out [with them] is always a good time, and I understand their financial situation and preference for not cooking.”

She also lives with her partner, and because they can comfortably afford to feed two more people occasionally, hosting these dinners for Layla and Ryan hasn’t been an issue. Until recently, that is.

A few nights ago, she made a seafood pasta for dinner with Layla and Ryan. The pasta was prepared with shrimp, and she served it with garlic bread. She put a good amount of work into this dinner and had a special method for cooking the shrimp. To ensure the shrimp cooked quicker and evenly, she sliced each one in half.

“It’s just a personal preference; I don’t claim to be a master chef,” she explained.

fudio – – illustrative purposes only

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