He Doesn’t Want To Help His Cheating Ex-Wife Escape A Relationship With Her Abusive Affair Partner

Viktoriia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old man and his ex-wife, who is 32, just finalized their divorce last year. Apparently, she was cheating on him, and since they officially split, she’s already moved in with her affair partner.

“We were married for five years and together for 10, and it hurt a lot,” he said.

However, over the last year that they’ve been divorced, it’s become clear that his ex-wife’s affair partner-turned-new boyfriend is not a good guy and has been emotionally abusing her.

“It honestly makes me want to beat up the dude, and my ex-wife’s mental health has completely tanked,” he revealed.

So, over the past couple of months, his ex has called him a few times, and it’s been obvious that she is really struggling. He’s also asked her numerous times to just end her relationship with her boyfriend, pack up her things, and move back in with her parents.

But she just doesn’t want to do that because, ever since they got divorced, she has felt isolated from her parents.

“She is also a stay-at-home mom to her boyfriend’s daughter, and so she feels even more trapped,” he added.

That’s why, most recently, his ex-wife asked if he would pick her up so she could stay with him for a while, and he has some reservations about it.

To be clear, he claims he’s not afraid of his ex’s boyfriend at all. So, if he wanted to, he could just drive to their house and pick up his ex-wife.

Viktoriia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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