She Moved Into A Tiny Farmhouse As A Child And Believed An Elderly Man Who Previously Passed Away In Her Bedroom Would Haunt Her At Night

The moonlight provided enough light for her to see the entire room. Her sisters weren’t awake, and no one else was in the room with them, but the raspy, rattling breathing continued. At one point, it sounded like the entity making the noise was at the foot of her cot.

Even though the breathing was getting louder, she couldn’t see anyone around. In fear, she laid down and threw the blanket over her head.

She didn’t recall falling asleep, but she knew the breathing continued near her cot as she hid under her blanket. Before eventually falling asleep, she was too terrified to dare peek out from under the blanket.

The same scary, heavy breathing occurred the following night, and it seemed to move more quickly toward her. She sat up in her cot and screamed for her sisters to stop. When the moonlight shined on the room, she realized that, like the night before, no one was there.

Yet the breathing continued, getting louder until it sounded like some invisible person was at the foot of her bed.

Not knowing what else to do, she hid under her blanket again. Even though this method helped the previous night, it didn’t work this time. The breathing sound approached the side of her cot, and suddenly, the paranormal being was so close that she felt its breath above her as if it was leaning over her cot.

She could feel the entity’s hot breath on her face, the noise incredibly loud, and her body shook with fright.

At first, she rationalized that maybe the breath was her own, and it felt so intense because she was under the blanket. But when she tried holding her breath, she still felt someone else breathing right on her.

“I hold my breath tighter when the breathing takes in a large, raspy breath and blows it hard through my blanket. I froze, terrified! I figured this had to be my sister because I held my breath. The breath does it again, so, as fast as I could, I whipped my blanket down to look at what was hovering over me. The room is illuminated perfectly, but there’s nothing there,” she shared.

While searching for the source of the heavy breathing, the invisible entity breathed directly into her face. She shrieked and ran out of the room. Her parents tried to get her to settle down, and it took her a while to relax. She knew she hadn’t imagined the paranormal activity.

Her family lived in this farmhouse for about five or six years, but she never entered that bedroom again after that last spooky night. Not long after her experience, she and her family learned more information about the couple who lived there before them.

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