She Moved Into A Tiny Farmhouse As A Child And Believed An Elderly Man Who Previously Passed Away In Her Bedroom Would Haunt Her At Night

Olha Rohulya - - illustrative purposes only

When this woman, 62, was 7-years-old, she and her family moved into a tiny farmhouse they started renting in New Hampton, New York. The house is still there, but now it’s falling apart. She and her family discovered cobwebs when they moved in, and the floors were grimy.

In the attic, there were tons of items they wanted to get rid of. She and her three sisters were going to share a bedroom, and they found tons of stuff in their room, too.

“We found dolls from the 1920s, old newspapers, and even an entire series of Life magazines in pristine condition. All of which they let my mom sell,” she said.

She and her family spent several weeks getting rid of the boxes that the previous homeowners left behind. When there was finally more space in the bedroom that she and her sisters would share, they slept on cots.

The room had two windows with no curtains to the right of her cot. One of her sisters slept close to the windows. At night, the moon’s light shone on the edge of her cot.

One night, she was snuggling under a thin blanket with a thin silk line on the end, struggling to fall asleep. Once she began to drift off to sleep, finally, she heard someone breathing heavily. The sound was coming from someone to her right, near the windows.

“It was moving slowly toward me. Assuming it was my sister, I yelled, ‘Knock it off!’ It went quiet, and I fell asleep. The second night, with my sister sound asleep, the labored breathing began again. It was raspy, desperate, and moving toward me,” she explained.

Once again, she sat up in her cot, screamed for her sister to stop, and lay down again. This time, the heavy breathing continued, becoming raspier, more intense, and steadily louder, as if someone was inching closer to her.

Confused, she sat up again, and the moonlight shined right where she heard the heavy breathing coming from. She assumed that one of her sisters was attempting to freak her out, so she again screamed for them to quit it.

Olha Rohulya – – illustrative purposes only

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