124 Years Ago, These Lighthouse Keepers Vanished From Their Post, And What Happened To Them Is Still A Mystery

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If you love old stories about mysterious cases of vanishing people or villages, you’ll probably find the story of the Flannan Isle lighthouse keepers fascinating.

The Eilean Mòr lighthouse was built on the Flannan Isles of Scotland and first lit in 1899. James Ducat, Thomas Marshall, and Donald McArthur were all lighthouse keepers who worked there simultaneously throughout long shifts.

When a relief vessel that made routine checks at the lighthouse called the Hesperus reached Flannan Isles after facing bad weather and getting reports that the lighthouse light wasn’t on in December of 1900, the crew immediately noticed something was wrong. No one was there to welcome them ashore.

The ship’s captain tried signaling for a response from the three lighthouse keepers, but there was nothing. There also wasn’t a flag on the flag pole, which was quite unusual.

Joseph Moore, one of the relief lighthouse keepers, went to shore to see if he could find the other keepers.

What he found was quite odd. The beds were left unmade, the main entrance door was closed, their clocks were stopped, their dining table was set, and the fireplace hadn’t been used in days. There was no sign of the other men.

Upon further investigation, the crew of the Hesperus found that everything with the lighthouse was running functionally, yet the keepers had vanished. The crew notified the Northern Lighthouse Board that something was terribly wrong.

Then, the crew noticed some interesting evidence at the west end landing of the lighthouse. A box that held tackle and other supplies had been broken, and its contents were strewn out all over the place.

Iron railings around the area had been broken, and some were missing. An emergency life buoy that had been attached to the railings was also missing.

jarcosa – – illustrative purposes only

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