She Laughed In Her Boyfriend’s Face When He Asked Her To Marry Him After Dating For Only One Month, So Now He’s Avoiding Her

Evgenia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old woman and her boyfriend, Max, who is 25, have known each other ever since they were young and grew up as childhood friends.

Then, just about a month ago, her boyfriend finally asked her out, and their friendship turned into a romantic relationship.

But she claimed that Max has always been the biggest jokester in their friend group. So, when he randomly popped the big question the other day, she genuinely thought he was just kidding around.

It all began when she and her boyfriend decided to have dinner at one of their friend’s houses. Everything went fine throughout the meal, but once they were done eating, Max actually got down on one knee and proposed to her.

At that point, everyone in the room went silent.

“And I honestly thought he was joking and just laughed,” she recalled.

Soon after, though, she realized that her boyfriend wasn’t kidding at all. Rather, his proposal was apparently serious, and he got up and left the room.

When she realized that Max was upset, she tried going after him to apologize. However, he’d already just left their friend’s house without saying another word.

So, some of their friends have started accusing her of being a jerk for basically laughing in her boyfriend’s face.

Evgenia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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