He Refused To Drive His Friend Home After Learning She Wanted To Bring Her Very Messy Dog

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While it’s great to do favors for friends, you still have to make sure your friends don’t cross any of your boundaries. For instance, once they ask you for a favor and you make a set plan with them, they shouldn’t make too many last-minute changes to that plan.

One college student recently upset his friend after he took back his offer to drive her home for summer break after she failed to tell him she’d bring her messy dog in the car.

He’s 18 and has a friend named Zoey, who’s also 18 and lives in the same campus residence hall as him. While he can sometimes find Zooey a bit annoying, he usually looks past that, but recently, she did something that made him very angry, and it has to do with her dog.

Earlier this year, after their school’s winter break, Zoey returned to campus with a small dog named Chewy, who she claimed was her emotional support dog.

He is not a fan of Chewy, as he’s a very messy dog. To make matters worse, Chewy has a bad habit of going to the bathroom anywhere and anytime. Once, Chewy even went to the bathroom right in front of his dorm door.

Additionally, Zoey lets Chewy get away with a lot, like stealing his roommates’ shoes, getting other people wet when she takes him out in the rain, and making weird noises at night that he can hear from next door.

“On [a] Friday, Zoey asked me if I could drop her off on my way home on Monday, [as] I’d be done with my exams in the morning and she’d be done in the afternoon,” he explained.

“She offered to split the gas with me, so I agreed. I did so because Zoey’s parents stopped by earlier that week and took Chewy home with them so that Zoey could focus on her exams. So imagine my shock on Sunday night when I see Zoey walking with Chewy. I honestly was so surprised to see him that I couldn’t even say anything. Zoey walked over to me and thanked me for offering her a ride.”

Zoey was very nonchalant about having Chewy with her, assuming he’d be fine with letting the dog in his car, but it was not. When he asked Zoey what Chewy was doing with her, she said her parents had dropped him off a few days earlier because she missed him.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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