Her Fiancé Said They Need To Find A House That Can Accommodate His Parents After They Get Married, But She Doesn’t Want To Live With Her In-Laws Once They Retire

Iona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is marrying her fiancé later this year, and they grew up in different economic situations. Her parents grew up in poverty and worked full-time while attending college. They learned how to save, live below their means, and sacrifice to support her and her sister. She and her sister luckily had a great childhood, and their parents didn’t want either of them to struggle like they did.

Her parents paid for her and her sister to attend private universities, and they didn’t have to take out student loans. However, her parents were stringent about some things. She and her sister were the last of their peers to be allowed cell phones, and they were some of the only students who didn’t have vehicles.

Their parents had dial-up internet much longer than other families did, and they didn’t do any extravagant home renovations. Her parents did the landscaping and small home repairs with her and her sister’s help.

“They did splurge on one nice family vacation every year, which are some of my fondest memories. I have a wonderful relationship with both of them and honestly wish they enjoyed their self-made success a bit more!” she said.

Her fiancé’s parents worked blue-collar jobs and didn’t have any money in savings. Even though his parents are significantly younger than her parents and haven’t saved any money, they’ve already discussed their plans to retire. Her fiancé paid his way through college and has an impressive career.

She and her fiancé’s combined income is around $350,000, and he’s financially supported his parents. He’s chipped in for their mortgage, has paid their medical bills, and for groceries during visits.

“They never offer to pay him back, but I’ve seen my fiancé get stressed that when they do have a little money saved, they blow it on something stupid. They live in another state and barely leave their hometown,” she explained.

She and her fiancé live in an expensive area and are in the middle of planning their wedding. They plan to buy a house in the next two years. Recently, her fiancé mentioned that when they start house hunting, they have to search for a home with enough space for his parents. He told her he thought it would be a good idea for them to live with them after they’ve retired. She was stunned.

Her future in-laws don’t enjoy socializing. They also don’t cook or clean, and she predicted they wouldn’t do much besides hanging out in the house all day. She prioritizes her privacy and hopes to prioritize her new marriage. Plus, she and her fiancé plan to have children, and she wants to give their future children a wonderful life like her parents did for her.

Iona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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