Here’s How To Fix Your Makeup Palettes And Compacts If You Happen To Break Them

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Picture this: You are into makeup and decide to treat yourself to a powdered bronzer, blush, or pressed face powder that costs over $25.

Then, a few days later, you’re getting that new product out of your makeup bag and accidentally drop it, causing the once perfectly packaged powder to crack into a bunch of fragments and dust.

Breaking a makeup product is one of the worst feelings, as you spend good money on it, and it never applies as easily as it did when it was intact. I swear, I feel like I have heart palpitations every time I accidentally drop certain makeup products.

However, there are little hacks you can use to fix certain makeup products, like powders, to get them as close to what they used to be as possible.

For powdered makeup, like a tray of eyeshadow, a bronzer, blush, or face powder, how you fix it depends on how broken it is.

For instance, if there’s one small crack running down the product, you can wipe away any excess powder, then use a makeup brush to smudge the product back and forth and fill the crack before pressing it down.

If it shattered into a punch of pieces, you have two options: you can either grind it down further and use it as a loose powder or use this fun hack to turn it back into a pressed powder.

First, you collect all the broken powder pieces and dump them into a separate container. Grind the pieces down as much as possible until it’s all loose powder.

Then, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the powder and mix it up until you’re able to pack it back into its original container.

ulada – – illustrative purposes only

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