Here’s How To Give Yourself A Soft Glam Makeup Look That Embraces Your Natural Skin, Not Hides It

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There’s nothing like setting aside a good chunk of time to sit down and get ‘glam,’ meaning you put on a full face of beautiful makeup for a special occasion or just because you feel like it.

Normally, when we think of someone getting ‘full glam’ makeup, we think of the works – that means full coverage foundation, extensive contouring, special eyeshadow work, eyeliner, mascara, lashes, fancy lipstick, etc.

However, there’s a way to still do glam makeup without caking a bunch of products onto your face. If you like your makeup on the softer side but still want to look extra special for certain occasions, then ‘soft glam’ makeup is the look for you.

Starting with your face, soft glam is more about embracing your natural skin versus hiding it with a super heavy foundation.

After completing your skincare routine, apply a primer to your face, followed by a medium-coverage foundation. You don’t want to go too sheer with something like a tinted moisturizer but also want to avoid ‘painting’ your face with a thick, heavy foundation. 

Another important tip is to blend your foundation and concealer as much as possible. Any unblended lines or streaks will take away from the soft and smooth look you’re going for.

When adding bronzer and blush to your skin, keep in mind that ‘soft glam’ doesn’t involve ‘snatching’ your face. Therefore, you don’t have to go too hard on contouring and highlighting. Embrace the natural shape of your face and keep things soft. 

Soft glam makeup isn’t focused on intense and glitzy eyeshadow looks but more on natural and neutral hues that define the natural shape of your eyes. Focus on blending darker colors, like dark brown, into your lash lines and neutral colors on your lids.

Eyeliner should certainly be used to add some definition to your soft glam look, but you don’t want it to be too intense. Use thin lines, and feel free to smudge it, but not to the point where you’re creating grunge eyes.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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