In 2008, She Called Her Sister And Said She’d Be Home From A Party In About An Hour, But She Never Returned - pictured above is Kyla

In 2008, Kyla Porter was 19-years-old and living with her older sister, Lynn Porter, in Holiday, Florida.

Kyla had previously lived in Georgia. However, after her fiancé went to jail for a drug charge, she moved back to Florida to be with her family. Together, she and her sister lived in a home located on Blossom Lake Drive.

But, on February 15, 2008, Kyla tragically went missing, and her disappearance has remained a mystery ever since.

That night, at about 10:30 p.m., she reportedly called her sister, Lynn, and said she was at a party. Kyla also claimed she would be returning home in approximately one hour.

It’s unclear where exactly Kyla was when she placed that phone call. She also never arrived home and has never been seen or heard from again.

According to her loved ones, Kyla had reportedly left before for a few days at a time. However, she still stayed in contact with her family during these periods.

So, after two weeks passed by, Kyla’s mom, Teresa Ahrens, contacted the police and attempted to report her daughter missing. Yet, authorities reportedly did not take the report seriously. They reportedly claimed that, since Kyla had left on her own before, Teresa needed to wait one more week prior to filing a missing person report.

Once an investigation was eventually launched, it was discovered that Kyla had left all of her belongings – including her purse, identification, and clothing – at home.

Teresa also attempted to speak with a friend who’d reportedly been with Kyla at the party the night she vanished. However, the friend claimed not to have seen Kyla for weeks and reportedly hung up on Teresa. – pictured above is Kyla

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