It’s Officially Music Festival Season, So Here Are Some Fun And Creative Outfit Ideas To Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

artiemedvedev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Spring and summer music festivals are finally upon us!

Now that Coachella is over, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what some outfits will look like during upcoming music festivals and the trendiest looks for the occasion.

The outfits worn by influencers and celebrities at Coachella were especially interesting this year, as there was a big debate over what’s “in” and what’s “out” regarding music festival fashion.

Some stylists and influencers believe the years of dressing over the top or in themed outfits for music festivals are over, and we should return to the minimalist basics.

Others believe music festivals are the perfect excuse to wear whatever you want, no matter how ‘extra’ it is, so people shouldn’t feel forced to dull things down.

So, when dressing for a music festival this spring or summer, wear what makes your heart happy. Go for something more low-key, extravagant, or somewhere in between. 

If you need a bit of inspiration for your next music festival outfit, here are some ideas for you.

A sheer lace skirt, tank top, and boots

At Coachella this year, sheer skirts, tops, and dresses were extremely popular. Not only are they a bit racy and exciting, but they’re lightweight and easy to wear in a festival setting. 

artiemedvedev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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