She Failed To Show Up For Her Son’s Birthday Party In 2021 And Has Been Missing Ever Since

Teller County Sheriff's Office - pictured above is Dava

Dava Charlene Leonard is the mother of six children, and by 2021, the 39-year-old had been living with her boyfriend in Divide, Colorado, for three years.

According to her sister, Miccah Leonard, she was also a real jokester.

“She’s the one person always laughing, making jokes… she really was the comedian of the family,” Miccah said.

But, after Dava was last seen at her boyfriend’s home – which is located in the Rainbow Valley Subdivision – on March 3, 2021, she never showed up for her son’s twelfth birthday party just two days later on March 5.

This immediately concerned her loved ones, who knew Dava would never intentionally miss the celebration.

“She was supposed to come back for his birthday on March 5 or call or something. And she never called, never came back. I got a bad feeling on March 3. I just, in my heart, I knew something was wrong,” Miccah recalled.

So, on March 6, 2021, Miccah contacted the Teller County Sheriff’s Office and asked for a welfare check to be conducted on Dava. Then, on March 11, 2021, an official missing person report and investigation was launched.

Dava reportedly does not have a car or cell phone, and her bank account has shown no activity since her disappearance.

According to authorities, Dava also left all of her personal belongings – including her dog named Ello – behind. Her family, on the other hand, believes she never would have just walked away.

Teller County Sheriff’s Office – pictured above is Dava

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