After Her Car Broke Down In South Carolina In 2020 And Her Ex-Boyfriend Picked Her Up, She Vanished

Facebook - pictured above is Jorden

Born on March 8, 2001, Jorden Shyann Nebling of South Carolina grew up in foster care. Then, both she and her older sister were adopted by their stepmother, Mary Tucker.

Jorden reportedly had a tough time as a teenager, struggling with drug abuse. But, by the time she was 19-years-old, she was working to turn her life around before she tragically disappeared.

“At that point when she went missing, she had just got a job, and she just took a drug test, and she was not doing drugs, and she was so happy,” recalled Mary.

In the week leading up to Jorden’s disappearance, she and Mary had actually been texting consistently. Apparently, they coordinated plans for Mary to pick up Jorden. That way, she could go to her little brother’s birthday party.

“She was so happy… She was so excited to start that job. She was so charismatic… She didn’t have enemies. Like, she might get in little fights with somebody, but the next week, they would be friends again. People couldn’t stay mad at her. And everybody wanted to be her friend,” Mary explained.

However, in early October of 2020, everything changed. It all began on October 9, when Jorden and a man she’d been seeing borrowed a car in order to drive from Travelers Rest, South Carolina, to visit some friends in Cowpens.

At some point after they arrived, the man left Cowpens to travel home with a different friend; meanwhile, Jorden stayed in Cowpens and planned to drive the borrowed car home to Travelers Rest alone the following morning.

But, after she set out on October 10 to travel back, the vehicle broke down in front of a residence in Travelers Rest located near the Old Whitehouse Road Extension.

A resident of the home reportedly spoke to Jorden, who claimed someone was going to come and pick up the vehicle. Then, at 1:30 p.m. that day, the resident watched as a man arrived to pick up Jorden, and she got in his car.

Facebook – pictured above is Jorden

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