Her Mom Wants To Get Rid Of Their Senior Cat Just To Adopt Another Cat That Has A More Affectionate Personality

Africa Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

This woman’s parents had three pet cats named Daisy, Sohpie, and Oliver. However, her 77-year-old mom was particularly attached to one feline – Daisy.

“[Daisy] would only snuggle with my mom and always wanted to be by her side,” she recalled.

But sadly, Daisy passed away quite recently, and ever since then, Oliver has sort of taken on Daisy’s role – snuggling with her mom every night now that Daisy isn’t around anymore.

However, during the day, Oliver also hangs out and snuggles with her father – which is why her mom views Oliver more as her dad’s pet.

As for her parents’ other cat, Sophie, that feline also likes to lay on her mom or hang out above her mom’s head on the recliner. Still, even though they adopted Sophie about seven years ago, her mom doesn’t view that cat the same way she saw Daisy.

“Sophie is a sweet cat but isn’t a cuddler nor as affectionate as Daisy was,” she explained.

“My parents think Sophie has a ‘snooty personality.’ My parents adopted her in 2015 and she was an adult cat, so she is at least 10 years old now.”

So, following Daisy’s passing, her mom started talking to her dad about adopting another cat. Apparently, in their family, it’s a tradition to adopt another cat after one of their pets passes away.

Well, her dad is actually the one who ends up taking care of the pets. That’s why, when her mom brought up the idea of adopting another, he said no because he didn’t want to take care of three cats anymore.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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